2015 Bloodborne Pathogen and Biomedical Waste Training migrates to UF’s myTraining 

The annual BBP/BMW training is part of the federally-required program for all UF-affiliated individuals who are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

2015 BBP/BMS Training offerings will be available in myTraining with content for three audiences. 

  1. UF_EHS850G for the General Audience (UF_BBPGENERAL)
  2. UF_EHS850C for the Clinical Audience (UF_BBPCLINICAL)
  3. UF_EHS850D for the Dentistry Audience (UF_BBPDENTAL)

All individuals requiring BBP/BMW training must be affiliated with a UF department.  For non-employed individuals, department affiliation is established by the Department Identity Coordinator.

BBP Roles and Responsibilities cover several areas

  • Environmental Health and Safety’s Biological Safety Office
  • Chairs and Directors
    • Assign a Department Training Coordinator
  • BBP Training Coordinators
    • Complete a BBP Train-the-Trainer course (2/12/15)
    • Identify who needs the training
    • Be available to answer site-specific BBP questions
    • Track departmental compliance through myTraining Reporting
      Request security of the DSA to report on training compliance
      Confirm each person to be tracked has an affiliation with coordinating department
      Request of the Identity Coordinator departmental associate affiliation for non-employed individuals
      who require the BBP/BMW training
    • A Train-the-Trainer Resource Guide for myTraining is available in PDF format. It covers Training Options, Reporting Steps, Security Roles and Departmental Affiliations
  • Department Security Administrators (DSA)
  • Department Identity Coordinators
    • Affiliate non-employed individuals with the coordinating department through Identity Access Management
      (How do I create a relationship to the Identity Registry?)
      • Department Affiliation:  Departmental Associate
      • Department ID to relate:  8-digit Department Code for coordinating department
      • Relationship End Date:  Date the department coordination is no longer required
    • For students, this will be in addition to the default relationship with Registrar’s Office
    • For Visiting Scholars, this may be the only affiliation with a department
    • For volunteers, this relationship may be in addition to another department affiliation already established.

Lack of a departmental affiliation will prevent access to myTraining for individual registration and completions as well as compliance tracking by the BBP Training Coordinators.

  • Individuals with bloodborne pathogen occupational exposure
    • Access the myTraining portal to register for and complete BBP/BMW training based on their work area (audience).
      • UF_EHS850G – General Audience
      • UF_EHS850C – Clinical Audience
      • UF_EHS850D – Dentistry Audience
    • Most training will be done on-line in myTraining but some live instructor-led classes are offered.  
      •  UF_EHS850G_ILT is an instructor-led class open to all who need the General Audience content.
        Tuesday, March 17, 2015
        Cancer and Genetics Research Complex Auditorium
        9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

This page will be updated as new 2015 information is available.
Updated 2/12/15