Environmental Health & Safety offers a number of training classes for faculty, staff and students. Most training is specific to the work you perform in your job at the University.

2015 Bloodborne Pathogen and Biomedical Waste Training migrates to UF’s myTraining. 

The annual BBP/BMW training is part of the federally-required program for all UF-affiliated individuals who are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

2015 BBP/BMS Training offerings will be available in myTraining with content for four audiences. 

  1. UF_EHS850G for the General Audience (UF_BBPGENERAL)
  2. UF_EHS850C for the Clinical Audience (UF_BBPCLINICAL)
  3. UF_EHS850D for the Dentistry Audience (UF_BBPDENTAL)
  4. UF_EHS850J for the Jacksonville Audience (UF_BBPJAX)

BBP Roles and Responsibilities cover several areas.

  • Chairs and Directors assign a departmental training coordinator.
  • BBP Training Coordinators, identified by their department, complete a BBP Train-the-Trainer course. They will then identify who needs the training, be available to answer site-specific BBP questions and track departmental compliance.  
  • Department Security Administrators (DSA) provide security for each training coordinator as noted below .
  • Department Identity Coordinators affiliate non-employed individuals as Departmental Associates.
    Departmental Associate Affiliation for Identity Access Management (See How do I create a relationship to the Identity Registry?)
    • For non-employed students, the departmental associate relationship will be in addition to the default relationship with Registrar’s Office.
    • For volunteers, this relationship may be in addition to another department affiliation already established.

This page will be updated as new 2015 information is available.

Updated:  01/23/15