Required EH&S Training

Training Trigger/Audience Course Code Frequency
15-Passenger Van Operation 15-Passenger Van Training Email
for enrollment request.
Asbestos-Containing Material Potential for Contact Asbestos & Lead Awareness UF_EHS800_ILT
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next live UF_EHS800_ILT)
 Initial & Annual
Biomedical Waste Handling  Biomedical Waste Training UF_EHS851_OLT Initial & Annual
Chemical Handling in Non-Lab Setting Hazard Communication Training UF_EHS814_OLT
Email Tom Ladun
DEA Controlled Substances Research DEA Controlled Substances Training Email EH&S Lab Safety Initial
Hazardous Noise Risk of Exposure Hearing Conservation UF_EHS838_OLT Initial & Annual
Hazardous Waste for Lab Manager Haz Waste Mgmt ILT UF_EHS809_ILT
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next live UF_EHS809_ILT)
Initial & Annual
Hazardous Waste Generator Hazardous Waste Management UF_EHS809_OLT Initial & Annual
Hazardous Waste Generator: Off-Campus Hazardous Waste Management:
Off-Campus Facilities
UF_EHS809A_OLT Initial & Annual
Hazardous Waste Generator:  Building Services Hazardous Waste Management:
Building Services
(Email Matt Doty for
next live class)
Initial & Annual
Hazardous Waste Generator:  Facilities/Vehicle Maintenance Hazardous Waste Management:
Facilities/Vehicle Maintenance
(Email Matt Doty for
next live class)
Initial & Annual
Human Blood or OPIM Risk of Exposure in Clinical Setting BBP/BMW Training:  Clinical UF_EHS850C_OLT Initial & Annual
Human Blood or OPIM Risk of Exposure in College of Dentistry BBP/BMW Training:  Dental UF_EHS850D_OLT Initial & Annual
Human Blood or OPIM Risk of Exposure in General Setting BBP/BMW Training:  General UF_EHS850G_OLT Initial & Annual
Laser Use Laser Safety UF_EHS833_OLT Initial
Radioactive Materials and Radiation-producing Equipment Work Radiation Safety Short Course UF_EHS830
(Email Cathy Sharp
to request training)
Respirator Use: N95 Resp Prot Online N95 UF_EHS846_OLT Initial & Annual
Respirator Use: Tight-fitting Resp Prot Online Tight Fit UF_EHS843_OLT Initial & Annual
Scientific Diver Diver In Training
Scientific Diver
(Email Cheryl Thacker) Initial
Select Agent Work Select Agent Training Email Sharon Judge Initial & Annual
Shipping Biological Materials Shipping and Transport of Biological Materials UF_EHS852_OLT
(Email Biosafety Office
for enrollment in Canvas course)
Initial & Every
Two Years
Shipping Hazardous Materials Shipping Chemicals Email Matt Doty Initial
Tractor operation (agricultural) Tractor Safety UF_EHS820_OLT Initial & Annual