EH&S Training Triggers and Audiences

Environmental Health and Safety provides required and recommended training.  Listed below are the job duties and audiences that require EH&S training.  Course descriptions and contacts are available on the EH&S Training List.  *Training triggers marked with an asterisk also require a health assessment.

Training Trigger/Audience Course Code
15-Passenger Van Operation 15-Passenger Van Training UF_EHS870_OLT
Aerial Lift Use Aerial Lift Training UF_EHS849_ILT
Animal Contact* Animal Contact Handbook
Biomedical Waste Generation or Handling Biomedical Waste Training UF_EHS851_OLT
Chemical Work:  Laboratory Haz Communication
HazCom 2013 Update
Lab Safety Actions & Reactions
Chemical Work:  Custodial Staff Haz Waste Mgmt for Building Services UF_EHS810_ILT
Chemical Work:  Facilities/Vehicle Maintenance Staff Haz Waste Mgmt for Facilities/Vehicle Maintenance UF_EHS811_ILT
Confined Space Work Confined Space Entry UF_EHS837_ILT
Excavation & Trenching Excavation & Trenching Safety UF_EHS812_ILT
Forklift Operation Forklift Training UF_EHS839_ILT
Forklift Operation Training Instructor Forklift Instructor Training UF_EHS835_ILT
Hazardous Energy Control Implementation Haz Energy Control UF_EHS844_ILT
Hazardous Waste Management at Waste Management Facility (EH&S Staff) Haz Waste Mgmt for Waste Mgmt Facility Initial
Haz Waste Mgmt for Waste Mgmt Facility Refresher
DOT Hazardous Material Transportation
Hazardous Waste Generation or Management in Lab or Satellite Area Haz Waste Mgmt Live Instructor-Led for initial
Haz Waste Mgmt Online for annual
Identification and Remediation of Mold
(and other indoor conditions resulting in health and comfort-based concerns):
Maintenance staff
Indoor Air Quality UF_EHS817_ILT
Lab Work Lab Safety Overview UF_EHS864_ILT
Ladder Use (Climbing)* Ladder Safety UF_EHS818_ILT
New Researcher Lab Work New Researcher Overview of EH&S UF_EHS863_OLT
Potential Contact with Asbestos-containing Material* Asbestos & Lead Awareness UF_EHS800_ILT
Potential Contact with Human Blood or OPIM* BBP/BMW Combined Training UF_EHS850_OLT
Radioactive Materials and Radiation-producing Equipment Work Radiation Safety Short Course UF_EHS830
Radioactive Materials and Radiation-producing Equipment Work – IDP Students Radiation Safety Short Course:  IDP UF_EHS831
Radioactive Materials and Radiation-producing Equipment  Work – with Previous Experience Radiation Safety Short Course:  PI Trained UF_EHS832
Respirator Use:  N95* Resp Prot: N95
Resp Prot Online N95
Respirator Use:  Tight-fitting* Resp Prot: Tight Fit
Resp Prot Online Tight Fit
Respirator Use:  UPD* Resp Prot: UPD UF_EHS840_ILT
Shipping or Transport of Biological Materials Responsibility Shipping and Transport of Biological Materials UF_EHS852_OLT
Tractor Operation (Agricultural)* Tractor Safety UF_EHS820_OLT
Welding, Cutting, Brazing and Open Flames Work Hot Work Awareness UF_EHS815_ILT
Welding, Cutting, Brazing and Open Flames Work Supervision Hot Work Supervisory Training UF_EHS816_ILT
Work at Heights of 6 ft Above Lower Level Fall Protection UF_EHS813_ILT
Work Outdoors or in Unconditioned Spaces Heat Stress UF_EHS819_OLT
Work in Area of Excessive Noise*
(as defined in Hearing Conservation Program)
Hearing Conservation UF_EHS838_OLT