Radiation Safety Short Course (RSSC)


The Radiation Safety Short Course (RSSC) provides participants an in-depth overview of a variety of topics related to radiation safety including:

   Acrobat  Introduction to Radiation Control and
        Radiological Services

   Acrobat  Fundamental Radiation Concepts

   Acrobat  Radiation Protection

   Acrobat  Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

   Acrobat  Radiation Detectors and Survey Instruments

   Acrobat  Radioisotope Laboratory Techniques (Part 1)
         Contamination Control and the proper handling of
         Radioactive Waste: Reduction, Control
         and Packaging

   Acrobat  Radioisotope Laboratory Techniques (Part 2)
         Laboratory Survey Program: Decontamination,
         Video on Decontamination of Laboratory,
         Emergency Actions

   Acrobat  Radioactive Waste

Click on the topics listed above to download the lecture slides for each session.
You will also need to access the RSSC Course Study Guides in order to complete the assessments. 

Course Completion

  • RSSC Course Study Guide

Forward – Introduction – Table of Contents

 Chapter 1

 Chapter 2

 Chapter 3

 Chapter 4

 Chapter 5

 Chapter 6

 Chapter 7

 Appendix 1

 Appendix 2




  •  Assessment

The Radiation Safety Short Course (RSSC) and RSSC assessment in myTraining will evaluate your mastery of the content in this course.  The RSSC assessment contains seven sections, and you must receive a score of 80% on each section before requesting the Statement of Training and Experience. Please contact Cathy Sharp to gain access to the assessment.

  • Forms Submission

Once you have received a passing score of 80% on each section of the assessment, please email Cathy Sharp for final instructions to complete the course.  This includes submitting the Statement of Training and Experience and if required, the Personnel Monitoring Device Application (Film Badge).  (See your PI for film badge requirements.)  Completed forms are emailed to Cathy Sharp or mailed to P. O. Box 100252, Gainesville, FL 32610.



EHS831 IDP: Radiation Safety Short Course

This fast-track course provides an introduction to radiation protection principles, types of radiation, interactions, biological effects, and laboratory techniques. 

EHS832 PI Trained:  Radiation Safety Short Course

This assessment is for individuals who have received prior approval to bypass the instructor-led course.

Please contact Cathy Sharp with questions concerning accessing and/or submitting course completion materials.