Partners and Responsibilities

The OCCMED Program is managed jointly by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) and is structured to identify and monitor personal health conditions that may not be consistent with the safety conduct standards for University-related activities.

Environmental Health and Safety

Dennis Fleetwood, Interim Director
Julie Ramsey, Occupational Medicine Coordinator
Melissa Crowder, Hearing Conservation and Pesticide Use Coordinator
Gary Heil, BioPath Coordinator
Sharon Judge, Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator
Carolyn Schomer, Animal Contact Coordinator
Tom Ladun, Asbestos and Respirator Coordinator
Cheryl Thacker, Research Diving Coordinator

  • Manages Program central administration with policy and procedures documentation
  • Establishes compliance criteria and tools.
  • Disseminates Program information to University administrators and participants
  • Audits for Program compliance

EH&S industrial hygienists listed below provide the following.

Melissa Crowder, CIH
Tom Ladun, CIH

  • Noise level tests for individuals who work in areas of excessive noise
  • Audiograms for individuals in the Hearing Conservation Program at the Institute of Food and Agriculural Science Research and Education Centers
  • Pesticide use evaluation regarding participation in the Pesticide User Medical Monitoring Program
  • Respirator training and fit tests for individuals in the Respiratory Protection Program on-campus as well as off-campus

Contact Information: OCCMED, 916 Newell Drive, (352) 392-1591

Student Health Care Center

Ronald Berry, MD


Sheryl Heinicka, OCCMED Provider, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN
Karen Brennan, RN
Elizabeth Rose, RN

  • Provides health assessments to UF individuals in the Gainesville area
  • Manages all UF Occupational Medicine medical records
  • Provides final review of UF health assessments done outside the Gainesville
  • Establishes medical protocols for on-going health assessments as well as emergencies.

Contact Information:  OCCMED Clinic, 2nd floor of the Health Science Center Dental Tower, Room D2-49; (352) 294-5700.

UF Health Hearing Center

  • Provides hearing tests to individuals in the Gainesville area required to have baseline and annual audiograms

Contact Information:  (352) 265-6820.

Off-Campus Health Care Providers

  • Provide health assessments to UF individuals who work outside the Gainesville area,
    many of whom are working at UF IFAS Research and Education Centers throughout the State of Florida
  • Provide specialization medical evaluations for individuals referred by the SHCC

Contact Information:  SHCC’s OCCMED Clinic at (352) 294-5700.

Human Resource Services

  • Manages position information that triggers the need for participation in the OCCMED Program
  • Coordinates personnel actions with OCCMED requirements

Contact Information: (352) 392-2477


Department representatives and supervisors

  • Match OCCMED-covered job duties with their position job duties
  • Comply with health assessment completion requirements
  • Track individuals in Medical Monitoring Programs
  • Run Department Next Exam Reports from Workforce Monitoring

Individuals Covered in OCCMED Program

  • Comply with Program requirements
  • Track their UF health assessment status from My Self Service