Track a Health Assessment

  • Departments must check the health assessment status for individuals before they begin the assigned job duty.
  • The UF OCCMED Clinic records the health assessment status and date on the myUFL Workforce Monitoring Physical Exam screens.
  • The “cleared” status date must be before the individual begins work.

In most cases, within 24-36 hours after complete health assessment records have been presented to the UF OCCMED Clinic, there will be a health assessment record to track.

  • myUFL Navigation: Workforce Monitoring>Health & Safety>Record Medical Exam Results>Physical Exam
  • Enter the individual’s UFID or name to seach for the record(s)

The health assessment status record shows the following data fields.
UF has defined some field names beyond their literal meaning.

  1. Exam Date: Date the health assessment was completed
  2. Exam Type: Preplacement indicates an initial health assessment; UF indicates additional medical monitoring types
  3. Next Exam:  Date for the next health assessment that is either a follow-up visit or part of a medical monitoring program
  4. Physician ID: Indicates who performed the health assessment or processed the health assessment requirement
  5. Exam Results: Indicate the status of health assessment requirement completion
    • No Job Specific Restrictions: Individual is cleared for the OCCMED-covered job duty
    • Job Specific Restrictions:  Individual is cleared for the OCCMED-covered job duty with specific restrictions
    • Exam Pending: UF OCCMED Clinic has received part of an individual’s health assessment requirements
    • Under Review:  UF OCCMED Clinic has begun the health assessment process/review – pending items should be in Comments
    • Candidate-Waived: Previous health assessment on file as completion for current requirements
    • Start-Date Waived:  Individual temporarily cleared to begin work while continuing to satisfy health assessment requirement

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Medicine office at or (352) 392-1591 for further information.