When filling a vacant position or reclassifying a filled position that requires a health assessment, on occasion, the selected candidate may meet the criteria for a health assessment waiver as described below. A promotion or reassignment candidate might be an example.

The department may request a waiver for the required health assessment by submitting the Candidate Waiver Request Form to EH&S. The Form should be scanned and sent to OCCMED@ehs.ufl.edu .
EH&S will enter results of the waiver request in myUFL’s Workforce Monitoring.¬† Pending items will be noted in the Workforce Monitoring Comments box.

Health Assessment Waiver Criteria

  • Presence of a previous post-offer physical examination of file at the SHCC.

    If the individual has left UF employment and then returned, the previous physical exam must have been completed no more than 12months before.

    Conventionally, the exam must have been performed at the SHCC and not substituted by an outside examiner.

    In the case of an off-campus health assessment, if the previous exam, using UF/SHCC forms, has been completed and approved by the SHCC for substitution of the post-offer examination, the SHCC will allow such an exam to be utilized as the basis for a waiver.)

  • No significant changes will occur in the essential functions of the job.
  • No significant changes should have occurred in the health status or physical capabilities of the employee in question.

    Under some circumstances, the employee may be asked to complete a new health history form for review by SHCC Occupational Medicine staff.

  • Post-offer evaluation for the new position may require additional ancillary testing or immunizations.

    It may be possible to waive part but not all of the post-offer evaluation (e.g. waive the physical exam but require PPD testing or Measles/Mumps/Rubella [MMR] vaccination).

Please refer to UF Employee Preplacement Health Assessments Policies and Procedures for specific details for this process.