Job Duties: Covered by OCCMED and Requiring Health Assessments

Supervisor Checklist for Health Assessments is available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for use within a deparment.  The Checklist is a tool to help departments with the following.

  • Identify whether any of the OCCMED-covered job duties apply to the departmental job assignment
  • Identify whether a health assessment is required
  • Provide a reference to update job duties assigned to a position with a number
    Go to the myUFL signon at and log in
    Add/Update Position Information in Organizational Development and submit for approval
  • Provide a reference to update job duties assigned without a position number (Ex. OPS, Volunteers)
    Complete the INOP form and submit for approval.

Two job duties require approval from Environmental Health and Safety before a health assessment can be scheduled.  EH&S will upload the approved request form to a SharePoint site for UF OCCMED Clinic reference.

  • BioPath triggers the need for an initial as well as annual health assessment.  The Department must submit the BioPath Authorization Form for individual participation in the BioPath: Biohazard Medical Monitoring Program.
  • Respirator use triggers the need for an initial as well as an annual health assessment.  The Department must submit the Request for Respirator Use Form for individual participation in the Respiratory Protection Program.

The UF OCCMED Clinic needs the job duties identified before a health assessment is initiated.

  • Animal Contact* is exposure to vertebrate animals, animal tissues, body fluids or wastes; works with animals or works in animal facilities.
  • Asbestos Abatement* includes individuals involved in an abatement effort
  • BioPath includes all those with potential exposure to risk group 3 agents as part of their work
  • Climbing includes on not only leg motion but also hand-over-hand motion such as with climbing ladders but not stairs
  • Commercial Driver License* is for those required to have a commercial driver license as part of their UF employment)
  • Contact with Human Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material* (OPIM) includes human body fluids other than feces, urine, tears and sweat
  • Frequent reaching above shoulder includes painting, shelving books, running overhead cable, etc.
  • Heavy Lifting refers to 51 pounds and over
  • Kneeling is for more than 2 hours per day
  • Law Enforcement is with the University Police Department
  • Noise* (Work in Area of Excessive Noise) has a noise level defined by OSHA
  • Operation of Special Purpose Vehicle includes industrial or farm equipment
  • Patient Contact is having physical or face-to-face contact with a patient
  • Pesticide Use* includes all users of Toxicity Class I and cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides who mix, load, apply or otherwise handle those materials (except in original, unopened containers)
  • Repeated Bending is for more than 2 hours per day
  • Repetitive Pulling and Pushing includes recurring general physical activity
  • Respirator Use* is for individuals required to wear a respirator on a routine or emergency basis
  • Scientific Research Diving* includes individuals who participate in UF affiliated research diving

*Requires Periodic Medical Monitoring and/or Training