How does the Health Assessment Process Work?

The University of Florida Occupational Medicine Health Assessment Process requires participation by departments, individuals, the UF Occupational Medicine Service (a division of the Student Health Care Center), Human Resource Services and Environmental Health & Safety.

The Health Assessment Process document serves to outline the sequence of actions required for compliance with the OCCMED Program. 

  • Who is involved?
    • The department/college representative may be the supervisor, the department HR administrator, the PI, the department chair or the dean.
    • The individual may be a paid employee, a non-paid student, a faculty member, a volunteer or a contractor.
    • The provider for those in the Gainesville is the UF OCCMED Clinic; for those outside the Gainesville area is a local health care provider.
    • The compliance officer is a department or college representative.
    • The authority is the University of Florida, the State of Florida, an accrediting agency or the federal government.
  • What is included?
    • Preplacement health assessments
    • Periodic medical monitoring health assessments
  • When are they required?
    • Before an individual begins the OCCMED-covered job duty

      Ex. When an applicant accepts employment offer for job duties covered in OCCMED Program
      Ex. When a current employee receives a change of job duties now covered in OCCMED Program

    • Periodically based on the medical monitoring program
      Most Medical Monitoring Programs require renewals annually or every three years
  • Where are they done?
    • The UF OCCMED Clinic for those in the Gainesville area
    • Local health care providers throughout the State of Florida for those outside the Gainesville area
  • Why are they needed?
    • To meet UF Policy, State and Federal regulations
  • How does the process work?

For more information on the health assessment process at the University of Florida or to schedule a department visit, contact Environmental Health and Safety at or (352) 392-1591.