Notification of Health Assessments Due

UF OCCMED Program Sends Health Assessment Due Notices

The UF Occupational Medicine Program notifies current employees when their heatlh assessments are due. “Update Your Required UF Health Assessment Now” emails provide details on how enrolled employees can find their specific status record on the myUFL My Self Service>UF Health Assessment screen as well as steps to keep them current.

The University of Florida’s Occupational Medicine Program requires employees to be in compliance with job-related health assessments. UF Health Assessments are directly related to the assigned job duties covered in the Program. Procedures and guidelines cover preplacement heatlh assessments as well as periodic medical monitoring.

  • Who/What
Occupational Medicine Program sends emails to current employees due for a job-realted health assessment
  • Where
University of Florida campuses throughout the State of Florida
  • When
30 days, 15 days and one day before OCCMED health assessment is due
  • Why
To protect employees from known job-realted health risks
  • How
System-generated emails to

Email Sample

Update Your Required UF Health Assessment Now!

This message is to notify you that your UF health assessment requires an update. Records show that you are enrolled in the University of Florida’s Occupational Medicine Program (OCCMED) and therefore required to be in compliance with job-related health assessments.

To check your UF health assessment status, please use the following navigation:

    1. Open a new browser
    2. Go to and login
    3. Select Main Menu>Human Resources>Self Service>Personal Information>UF Health Assessment

On the UF Health Assessment screen, your most recent health assessment status record shows your Exam Date, Type, Results, Comment and Next Exam. If you have more than one record, you may view them individually or view them all on one screen. Please note that the UF OCCMED Program uses health assessment rather than exam to reflect the status of the employee’s medical review triggered by specific job duties.

Health assessment procedures and contents depend on specific job duties covered in the Program. For more Program details please go to the Occupational Medicine web pages at

  • To schedule a health assessment appointment,
    contact the OCCMED Satellite Clinic at (352) 294-5700.
  • To submit a health assessment form for review,
    complete the form from
    and fax it to the OCCMED Satellite Clinic at (352) 846-2003.
  • To update your OCCMED Program enrollment status,
    contact your department human resources representative.
  • For assistance with health assessment requirements and procedures,
    contact the OCCMED Coordinator at or (352) 392-1591.

You are encouraged to use the above navigation to check on the progress of a health assessment you have initiated as well as plan for future required health assessments.

The Next Exam Date found on the UF Health Assessment screen is your deadline to complete your required health assessment.

Thank you.

UF Occupational Medicine Program
Phone: (352) 392-1591