Health Assessments

Health assessments protect the safety and health of the individual and of employees, students and the general public with whom the individual may come in contact in the course of their duties. Health assessments cover work in certain known risk situations that is governed by federal, state or local standards. Health assessments are linked to the job duties of a position.

Health assessments for on-campus departments are provided by the UF OCCMED Clinic.  Health Assessments for off-campus centers and offices outside the Gainesville area use local physicians for their health assessments. The physician used for workers’ compensation cases or periodic medical monitoring is usually an appropriate choice.

Preplacement Health Assessments (PPHA’s)

PPHA’s are for applicants who have accepted an offer of employment for a position whose duties are in the identified risk areas and for current employees whose duties have changed into the identified risk areas.

The University of Florida requires that employment in positions with covered job duties be subject to the successful completion of a health assessment – a job offer is contingent upon the favorable results of the post-offer preplacement health assessment. The applicant may not begin work until after being cleared to work by the UF Occupational Medicine Clinic in Gainesville.

The assessments also establish a baseline record.

Departments where the new hire will work in the Gainesville area schedule the individual’s health assessments with the UF OCCMED Clinic. One exception is for the new employee of an IFAS unit located in another area of the state, in which case the unit administrator will schedule the exam with a local physician.  The medical records are then sent directly from the local provider to the UF OCCMED Clinic.

Individual’s whose job duties trigger a health assessment must complete that health assessment requirement before the assignment begins.

Periodic Health Assessments 

Periodic medical monitoring continues from the preplacement health assessment for selected categories that require health assessments at varying periods of time. Departments determine whether an OCCMED-covered job duty is included in their employee’s assignment and track periodic dates for upcoming health assessments. The major areas that include periodic medical monitoring are animal contact, asbestos, commercial driver license, contact with human blood, patient contact, work with pesticides, use of respirators, scientific research diving and work in areas of excessive noise.