Department Next Exam Report: How to Track Periodic Medical Monitoring

The University of Florida requires periodic medical monitoring as part of the Occupational Medicine Program. The monitoring is after the preplacement health assessment for individuals who perform selected job duties that require health assessments at varying periods of time.

The Department Next Exam Report lists individuals associated with a department who are due for their next health assessment. The Report is a tool departments use to track their individuals for upcoming required medical monitoring for compliance with UF’s Occupational Medicine Program. Records appear on the report if the individual has an association with a UF department and if a future health assessment has been identified with a date in the “next exam” date field. (Note: UF’s use of the field named “Next Exam” is for health assessments that may or may not include an actual physical examination.)

The report, by department UF number, can be exported to a MicroSoft Excel file. The Report lists all next exam dates for individuals assigned to a specific department id and includes multiple programs, or exam types, for individuals where they apply. This covers individuals in medical monitoring programs with job duties such as animal contact, commercial driver license, pesticide use, respirator use and work in areas of excessive noise. Most medical monitoring is required every year. One exception is the Animal Contact Program that requires renewal at least every three years.

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