My Self Service Link: Employee Job-Related Health Assessment

Employees who are required to have a health assessment before they start work at UF can check the status of their job-related health assessments in My Self Service. New hires as well as current employees beginning a new job duty have access to their own health assessment status.

  • Log in to myUFL with your username and password at myUFL
  • Go to Main Menu>Self Service>Personal Information and select UF Health Assessment (you must be a UF employee to have this option)
  • Contact your supervisor for assistance if a next health assessment is required

The most recent record is listed first. If there are multiple records, they are presented in reverse chronological order and appear one at a time. Multiple records may be viewed all at once by changing from the default to View All.

 There are five fields for information.

  1. EXAM DATE is the date entered for the health assessment.
  2. EXAM TYPE applies to the job duty that triggered the need for a health assessment.
  3. NEXT EXAM, if listed, is the next date by which a follow-up review is required.
  4. EXAM RESULT is the status of the health assessment.
  5. COMMENT refers to specific health assessment conditions.

The UF health assessment requirements are documented in the Occupational Medicine Program managed by Environmental Health & Safety and the UF OCCMED Clinic (a division of the Student Health Care Center). The policies and procedures along with other OCCMED details are available at UF Employee Preplacement Health Assessments Policies and Procedures.

Questions? Contact your departmental HR or safety representative.

Further Information available at the OCCMED Program Description;; (352) 392-1591