Chemical Hygiene Plan Instructions

Instructions for Principal Investigators and/or Laboratory Supervisors

Read UF Chemical Hygiene Plan.

For off-campus locations, determine the identity of the Chemical Hygiene Officer. Complete Appendix A, “Identification of the Chemical Hygiene Officer for Off-Campus Facilities.” On campus, this individual is the EH&S Laboratory Safety Coordinator.

Check that notice boards are on all doors to the work place.

 Inventory each laboratory for the presence of hazardous chemicals. Inventories generated for the annual Laboratory Safety Survey may be used when available. We encourage you to use the Excel template found in Appendix B to maintain your chemical inventory.

 Ensure that each chemical container is properly labeled.

 Ensure that a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available for each chemical used in the workplace. These also should be linked through the chemical inventory. If these are electronically linked, labs should have the most up-to-date MSDSs available.

 Complete the Chemical Hygiene Plan Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) using Appendix C. Use the reference materials available on the EH&S web site as appropriate.

 Choose an individual responsible for the implementation of the Chemical Hygiene Plan in each laboratory.

 Go over the following with laboratory personnel:

  •  Review the Chemical Hygiene Plan
  •  Complete or update the chemical inventory for the lab(s).
  •  Review the physical and health hazards of chemicals used in the laboratory.
  •  Review the SOPs.
  •  Review the location of the MSDS and how to use them.
  •  Review the proper personal protective equipment required.
  •  Review the use of the fume hood and any other engineering controls.
  •  Review the methods for detecting chemicals in the laboratory.
  •  Review the location of the chemical inventory.
  •  Review the symptoms of chemical exposure.
  •  Complete the UF Chemical Hygiene Plan Training Documentation Form (Appendix D).
  •  Review Appendix E (Guidelines for Hazard Assessment and PPE Selection).
  •  Complete the PPE Certification of Hazard Assessment (section 1) and PPE Training Certification (section 2) within Appendix E.

The Laboratory Safety Program (392-1591) will be responsible for assisting with implementation of this program. Please contact them if you have questions or need help setting this up for your lab.