Lab Moves & Moving In

New Labs (Moving In… Information for New UF Principal Investigators)

All contacts below can be made by calling Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at 352-392-1591.

  1. Contact UF’s Research Safety Coordinator Katye Poole, PhD for a personal meeting to acquaint you with EHS-based services.
  2. Before any work begins in the lab, all PIs and lab members must complete Lab Safety Training.
  3. Download and review the Chemical Hygiene Plan. EHS requires PIs to maintain a copy of the Chemical Hygiene Plan in their lab (either hardcopy or digital), with additional lab-specific Standard Operating Procedures, for easy reference.
  4. Review UF’s Hazardous Waste Management Program and request waste containers, sharps boxes, etc.
  5. Decide how you will manage Safety Data Sheet (SDS) access in your lab, hard copies or via the web, and communicate this to your personnel.
  6. Complete any additional required online training modules as needed (e.g. biosafety, radiation, shipping, etc.) and/or recommended trainings on various topics.
  7. Read our FAQ for New Principal Investigators.

myTraining is UF’s online training management system and the platform in which most of the EHS classes are hosted. The system is designed to help faculty and staff access and manage documentation of federally required training and research related compliance data at the University of Florida.

If you have any questions about Chemical and Laboratory Safety at UF you can go to the website or call the contacts listed there at 352-392-1591.


Established UF Labs who are moving to, or expanding to, other UF space

Contact EHS so we can update our records. We will also update the lab’s notice board (aka Hazard Communication Sign). The Hazard Communication Sign must be posted before lab work can begin.

Moving chemicals, refrigerators, freezers, and chemical storage cabinets

  • Contact EHS for guidance on moving these items as well as compressed gas cylinders.
  • Do not move Hazardous (Chemical) Waste containers to your new space. Request new waste containers for your new space.

For more information see Lab close-out.