Laboratory Assessment Training & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH)

LATCH provides a platform to identify hazards within a research space. The platform integrates procedures, controls, work practices and personal protective equipment intended to protect individuals from these hazards into a comprehensive management system. LATCH is comprised of a risk assessment portion addressing chemical, biological, radiation, physical, regulatory and process hazards, and complements the chemical hygiene plan.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
The complete Chemical Hygiene Plan for all University of Florida research spaces consists of two parts:

  1. the University of Florida’s General CHP and
  2. the lab-specific CHP completed as part of LATCH.

Components of LATCH

Personnel Roster
Personnel Rosters allow PIs/facility managers to set up a roster and delegate safety management functions to people within the research group.
Document and track EH&S training completed by all individuals in the lab, shop or work area. The training data is updated daily through integration with the myTraining system.
Risk Assessment and Signatures
Assessments are specific to each lab, shop, or work area and organized under several general hazard categories All personnel on the roster must acknowledge comprehension of associated risks by digitally signing the risk assessment. Assessments must be updated at least annually or as the hazards change.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
SOPs are specific to each process/hazard in the lab or work area and are available to all personnel included on the roster. The SOPs are created by one or more members of the roster and approved by the PI or supervisor.

Please contact our Chemical Hygiene Officer if you need assistance completing LATCH or any component of the chemical hygiene plan.


Gator TRACS LATCH User Guide for Principal Investigators and Lab Managers.

SOP templates available for customization by lab.

Particularly Hazardous Chemicals definition

UF General Chemical Hygiene Plan

OSHA Regulation


Lab Specific Training Checklist