Lab and Research Safety

Welcome to the Lab and Research Safety page! The development of the Lab and Research Safety program is an effort to streamline and continue to build a strong safety culture at UF. Lab and Research Safety now includes the lab safety, biological safety, radiation safety, and hazardous materials management programs, along with a new program, animal research health and safety. The individual safety programs may appear very different, but they share many of the same goals and challenges. Integration of these formerly independent programs allows EH&S to increase our productivity and improve customer service.

Please visit the New Researcher Introduction page for a brief descriptions of the various research related programs.

 Biological Safety

Biological Waste Management and Disposal
BioPath Program
Bloodborne Pathogen Program
Closing Out the Laboratory
HIV Research Laboratory Occupational Medicine Policy
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Minors in Laboratories, Clinics or Animal Facilities
NIH and USDA Biosafety & Biosecurity Initiatives
Plant Research and Greenhouses
Registering Work with Biologicals
Research Materials: Shipping, Export, Import & Transport
Select Agents
Shipping & Transport of Biological Materials
State and Federal Permits that May be Required
Toxins of Biological Origin
Tuberculosis Research Laboratories
Vaccination Policy for Research Personnel

 Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Monthly Self Audit
New Principal Investigator Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Training
Laboratory Chemical Waste Management
Radioactive Waste Management
Maintenance-Related Wastes
Hazardous Construction and Demolition Waste
Electronics Re-use/Recycling
Pharmaceutical Waste
Shipping Hazardous Materials

Animal Research Health & Safety

Animal Contact Program
Bites, Scratches, Cuts, Abrasions from Animals
Q Fever Control Policy

Chemical and Lab Safety

Chemical Spill
Chemical Spill Kits
Electrical Safety
Lab Safety Manual
Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Safety Information and MSDSs
Cryogen Safety
Hazardous Waste Monthly Self Audit
Lab Closeout Policy
Lab Safety Surveys
Minors in Laboratories, Clinics or Animal Facilities
Nanomaterial Safety Policy
New Researcher Introduction
Pharmaceutical Products and DEA Controlled Substances
Safety Information

 Radiation Safety

Radiation Control Guide (PDF)
Radiation Safety Short Course (RSSC)
Laser Safety Program
New Irradiator Order

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