Fine Art Exhibits (Indoor & Outdoor)

This insurance is purchased and administered by the Florida Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing. The outline of coverage provided herein is an overview; the actual policy will govern.

The cost of the insurance is the responsibility of the UF department. The EH&S Business Manager will invoice the department annually at the end of the policy period typically during the month of January.

If the equipment you plan to insure is a leased item, please forward the lease agreement/contract to UF Procurement for their review and approval.  This step is done before insurance is requested.


  • NAME:  Fine Art
  • PERIOD:  December 31, 2015 through December 31, 2018

Covered Property

Fine Art of every nature and description being property of the Named Insured and/or for which the Named Insured have accepted responsibility to insure.

Examples of covered equipment:

  • Outdoor sculptures
  • Museum collections
  • Gallery exhibits


Fine Art shall be insured against all risks of physical loss or physical damage.

Transit shall also be included at no additional cost to the Named Insured.

Territorial Limits



The valuation of artwork is that which has been agreed to by the Named Insured and the Broker/Underwriter.

Limit of Insurance


This policy insures indoor artwork against physical loss or physical damage during the period of insurance while on exhibition, in transit, and or in incidental storage.  This coverage shall extend to fine arts on loan to, or owned by the Named Insured including but not limited to:  museum collections, murals, stained glass, sculptures, gallery exhibits, and paintings.

Coverage Costs

No rate applies.  Named Insureds purchase an individual aggregate limit or share in the $2,000,000 limit coverage pool.  Premiums are based upon the aggregate limit being secured.

Indoor claims deductible is $0.00


This policy insures outdoor sculptures and other art work against all risks of physical loss or physical damage.

Coverage Costs

$0.14 per $100 of Total Insured Value

Outdoor Claims Deductible

$750 each and every loss; increasing to $2,500 in respect of vandalism and malicious damage; increasing further to $7,500 in respect of named windstorm and flood.

The deductibles do not apply to property of others or while property is away from the locations of the Insured.

Named Insured Aggregate Limit
Any one loss any one conveyance $ 2,000,000
Any one loss any one unnamed location $ 2,000,000
AGGREGATE LIMIT of all artwork combined $3,497,330

Request Coverage for Non-owned Items

  • Complete the AJG Certificate of Insurance Request.
  • (See copy of form below with EH&S instructions for completion and submission)
  • Email completed form to the email listed on the form.
  • Coverage will continue as indicated on the form.  Any changes are required in writing to the Insurance Coordinator.


  • To file a claim, use the AJG Loss Claims Form ( 174.00 KB)