Greek Fire Safety Facility Responsiblities


The purpose of the fire safety inspection program is to ensure the safety of the student population in a manner consistent with recognized codes and criteria.

The Division of Environmental Health and Safety is the delegated authority for inspections and will work directly with the fraternities and sororities to establish priorities for correction of identified violations. EH&S will refer all compliance problems to the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

Program Operation

Semester Reports

There are three reports that must be completed at the beginning of every semester the house will be occupied.  Occupancy defined as House Director +1.

The fire drill, guestroom smoke detector, and emergency lighting reports must be completed and returned to the EH&S office by the due dates listed in the deadlines section..

Houses in which the guestroom smoke detectors are connected to the building fire alarm will only be required to submit the Emergency Lighting and Fire Drill Log Reports.


A comprehensive inspection of all fraternities and sororities will be conducted each semester. The Fire Safety Inspector has the authority through the University of Florida and the State of Florida as a Certified Fire Inspector to enter a building at any time at his discretion.

Inspections can be scheduled by calling Daniel Hickey at 392-1591.

If your inspection has not been scheduled by the deadline, it will be scheduled by the inspector and you will be given two days notice.

Access is required to all areas in the building. It is the responsibility of the escort to provide that access.

Inspection report

Following an inspection, a written report of findings will be emailed to the fraternity or sorority along with scorecard. The original inspection report will be directed to all current contacts for the House.

Written Response

A written response is required to be submitted to EH&S within 30 calendar days from the date on the inspection report stating the date of correction of all listed violations.

If appropriate notification is not received, or if it is determined that the correction is not satisfactory, EH&S shall notify Fraternity and Sorority Affairs for appropriate action.

Reasons for Recommending “Not in Good Standing” Status

A recommendation of “not in good standing” status regarding the fire safety program could result from the following situations:

The Chapter has recurring Level 3 scores.

The chapter has not submitted the fire drill, smoke detector, and/or emergency lighting reports.

The fire safety inspection has not been scheduled or conducted for the current semester.

The EH&S office has not received a timely written response to the inspection report.

The chapter is not in compliance with the written plan of corrective action.

Outstanding fire code violations.