Fire Exit Drill Procedures

Fire drills are required once each semester to test fire alarm systems and fire reporting procedures under simulated emergency conditions.  Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and the Division of Environmental Health and Safety require that all Greek letter organizations with a chapter house conduct the fire drill during the first two weeks of the semester.  Such drills ensure familiarity with exits which in turn ensures that everyone gets out of the building promptly and in an organized manner to a place of safety.  Below are the steps to follow when establishing and participating in both on-Campus and off-Campus chapter house fire drills.


The House Director is to arrange, conduct, and record drill results.

The House Director shall be the person in charge at the chapter house in the event an actual fire emergency occurs.

The fire drill plan shall include everybody in the building.  This includes all residents, visitors, guests, employees, and attendants.  There are no excuses for not participating.  Everyone must leave the building during the drill period.

Diagram and post two routes to the outside from all rooms, especially from bedrooms.

Designate a meeting place outdoors which is away from the building and clear of entrances.  The designated meeting place should be at least 50 feet from the building.

Locate a method of calling 911 near the designated meeting place that does not involve re-entering the building.

Establish a method to account for those known to be in the building at the time the alarm is sounded.  In case of actual fire conditions, information regarding persons believed to be in the building should be made available to responding emergency crews.  (Do not return inside.  Only trained search and rescue personnel should re-enter an evacuated area.)


A fire drill shall be conducted at least once each semester, during the first two weeks of each academic term.  Once each month is recommended.  Drills shall not be conducted at regularly scheduled times, and shall be held without warning except to the University Police Department (UPD) and/or the chapter’s alarm system monitoring company.


House Director Responsibilities

Houses monitored by the University Police Department shall notify UPD (at 392-1111) of the planned fire drill, giving the exact time at which the alarm will be sounded.  Off-Campus chapters whose houses are not connected to the University fire reporting system shall notify UPD (392-1111).  Also contact the company who monitors their alarm system.  Dial 911 only in the event of an actual emergency.

Activate the Fire Alarm System with the pull station.

When the alarm sounds, everybody in the house shall proceed promptly to the outside of the building at the ground level by means of the nearest exit.  Members should be made aware of their second means of egress in case their first choice is blocked.  It is recommended that adequate clothing, e.g., robe or blanket, be kept immediately available for use should a fire occur at a time when a member is not dressed for the outdoors.

Proceed to the designated meeting place outside.

Account for all persons known to be in the house at the time of the alarm.  It may be necessary for the Fire Safety Coordinator / House Director to check rooms during the drill, but not in the event of an actual emergency.

The House Director shall terminate the fire drill by:

  • Resetting the building alarm system
  • Notify building occupants that they are allowed to return to the building by giving the “all clear” signal
  • Notifying the appropriate dispatcher(s), that the drill has been completed
  • Make a written record of the date, time, and results of the drill

The chapter officers and House Director should meet directly after each fire drill to evaluate the success of the drill and work out details which have been faulty or misunderstood.

The House Director shall submit a copy of the Fire Drill Report to the Environmental Health and Safety  within 48 hours.  A copy of the drill shall be maintained in the Chapter’s records.