Fire Exit Drill Policy


The objective of this policy is to prepare building occupants for exiting a building during a fire or related building emergency. The fire exit drills will also serve to identify building related problems related to evacuation.


Florida law and regulations require annual fire exit drills for all individuals in Category I buildings. Category I is defined as any building (a) that contains combustible or explosive matter or flammable conditions dangerous to the safety of life or property, (b) in which persons receive educational instruction, (c) in which persons reside, excluding private dwellings, or (d) containing three or more floor levels. All occupants of these building, at the time of the drill, must participate in the fire drill.

This policy requires annual fire exit drills for individuals in Category I buildings in the areas of Education and General, Health Center and the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The Procedures outlined in this document are mandatory. Housing and Greek living units on- and off-campus shall continue to conduct fire drills for their facilities per established guidelines.


Fire exit drills are mandated by Florida State Statute 633, Fire Prevention and Control, and Florida Administrative Code Chapter 69A-3, State Fire Marshal Rules and Regulations.


Facility and Fire Safety Program (FFS), Division of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), shall supervise each fire drill and assist with the evaluation and record keeping. FFS shall schedule buildings for the fire drills and serve as the coordinator between the University Police Department (UPD), appropriate Physical Plant representatives, Gainesville Fire and Rescue (GFR), State Fire Marshal (SFM) and building occupants. EH&S shall notify Deans and Directors that all buildings under their control will be tested during the fall, spring or summer term.

Deans and Directors shall notify building occupants under their supervision of fire drill test procedures. Deans and Directors shall also notify EH&S of any dates and times that are critical where disruption of classes and/or research is impractical.

UPD shall assist EH&S in conducting the fire drills by conducting a brief search of each building to ascertain that all occupants have vacated the premises. Physical Plant Technicians shall operate the fire alarm system and reset it when instructed at the conclusion of the test.

Building Occupants shall vacate the building in an orderly fashion when the fire alarm signal is given and not return until the “ALL CLEAR” signal is given by UPD. Occupants shall follow the “Campus Fire Safety” procedures.


The drills shall be conducted during the second and third weeks of the fall, spring or summer terms. No prior notification shall be given to any specific building as to a specific date or time.

EH&S shall notify Deans and Directors annually of the fire exit drill requirement.

The EH&S Facility and Fire Safety Program Director or his designee shall be present during the fire drill.

Any persons found in the building shall be given a copy of EH&S’ “Campus Fire Safety” pamphlet and their names shall be given to the appropriate supervisor for further action, if warranted.

Records of fire drills shall be maintained by EH&S in the building files.

Issued MAY, 1996; Revised/Reviewed: June, 2012