Campus Fire Safety

How to Report a Fire

If you discover a fire in a University of Florida building, do the following:

Pull the fire alarm and call 911.

Fire alarm pull stations are normally located near each exit. If the building is not equipped with a fire alarm system, notify other occupants as you exit the building. Do not attempt to fight the fire with portable fire extinguishers or fire hoses unless the fire is small and you have been trained in their proper use. DO NOT PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER WHILE ATTEMPTING TO CONTROL A FIRE. When in doubt, evacuate.

Remain calm while talking to the operator. Be prepared to answer several questions as to location, size of fire, your name, number of persons in building (if known) and any injuries. Remain on the line until the operator is finished.

Meet fire or police personnel when they arrive at the building. Stand by to answer any questions they may have concerning the fire. Once out of the building DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING FOR ANY REASON, unless emergency personnel have given the “ALL CLEAR” signal.


Fire Safety Guidelines

Predetermine two means of egress from your normal workplace.

Learn the location of the nearest fire alarm pull station and portable fire extinguisher.

Learn how to use portable fire extinguishers. Remember the acronym


P Pull the pin.

A Aim at the base of the fire.

S Squeeze the trigger.

S Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

If your building is equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system:

Do not store any items within 18″ of the bottom of the sprinkler head.

Do not tie or hang any items from the sprinkler heads or piping.

Report any sprinkler system leaks to the appropriate physical plant shop.

Sprinkler heads will activate only in the area of the fire.

Tips to Remember

Pull the fire alarm and call 911.

If the fire is INSIDE your room

 Leave your room and close the door.

If the fire is NOT in your room

 With your hands, test the door for heat before opening.

If the door is HOT

Stay in your room or lab.

Phone for help.

Stay calm.

Seal cracks with wet towels.

Wait for help.

If the door is COOL

 Take your room key.

Open the door slowly.

WALK to the nearest exit and leave the building.

If the exit is unsafe, return to the room and remain there.

If the hall is smoky, stay low or crawl out on your hands and knees.



In case of a Fire Emergency

Remember the Acronym RACE

R Rescue Rescue and remove all individuals from the area.
A Alarm Alarms need to be activated.
C Confine All doors, windows and access to the affected area must be closed
to confine spread of the fire and smoke.
All access must then be restricted to emergency response personnel only.
E Evacuate or
Evacuate the area to allow the emergency response crews to fight the fire.
Report to the predetermined rally point for a head count.


Attempt to extinguish the fire only if all the following criteria can or have been met:

Both the 911 response and building alarm have been activated,

Training has been received on how to use a fire extinguisher,

The proper extinguisher is available,

The fire has not spread from its point of origin,

The fire is still small enough to be handled by the fire extinguisher to be used, and

The fire can be fought with your back to the exit to ensure there is a means of escape in the event that the attempt to extinguish the fire fails.


For Further Information

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