New Principal Investigator Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management


New Principal Investigators (PIs) at the University of Florida who will be working with hazardous chemicals are required to attend a session of EHS809, Hazardous Waste Management for Laboratory Workers before starting work and annually thereafter. This training is presented nearly every week at various convenient locations around campus. Links for current sessions and registration process are above.

The University of Florida has a zero discharge policy with respect to hazardous materials. All hazardous waste is required to be accumulated using the University’s Satellite Accumulation Area Requirements. These policies are derived from federally-mandated regulations, and ensure hazardous waste is collected and disposed of in a safe, environmentally-responsible manner.

All hazardous materials/waste must be disposed of through Environmental Health and Safety’s Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal group.

  • Online requests for waste disposal may be submitted through the secure SharePoint site.

Waste pickup normally takes 2-3 business days; labs should plan ahead to ensure that waste limits (55 gallons in a single accumulation area) are not exceeded.

Researchers must understand that waste disposal is ultimately the responsibility of each Principal Investigator. P.I.’s who are planning to leave the University, for whatever reason, must ensure that all chemicals are disposed of through EH&S prior to departure.