Vehicle Washing


Vehicle Washing must be conducted at a wash-down station equipped with a functioning and maintained oil-water separator.  Accumulated sludge from oil-water separators may contain heavy metals or solvent contamination. A hazardous waste determination must be completed prior to sludge disposal. 

Effluent from the separator must be directed to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  

Vehicle washing wastewater must not be sent to soil or to the storm water system.

To limit contamination, solvent-based cleaners are not permitted. Only soap and hot water or steam washing is permitted. 

Oil-Water Separator Maintenance Guidelines

  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the Oil-Water Separator’s owner
  • Prevent dirt and debris from entering the separator
  • Do not allow rain water to enter the separator
  • Prepare standardized procedures for individuals who will operate the separator
  • Servicing of the separator must be performed by a licensed used oil contractor
  • Testing for metals and solvents must be performed annually

Do not allow individuals to enter the Oil-Water Separator