Smoke Detectors

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Many smoke detectors contain radioactive materials.  A label on the back or side of the detector will alert you to the presence of a radiation source.  It is necessary to dispose of radioactive detectors through EH&S’s Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal group.  The detectors must be intact for disposal. 

Some smoke detectors may be exempt from these disposal requirements; contact EH&S at (352) 392-8400 to determine if your smoke detectors are exempted or regulated prior to disposal.

Whenever possible, maintenance activities are encouraged to install smoke detectors which do not contain radioactive sources. The disposal costs associated with radioactive sources will often outweigh a less-expensive initial cost.

Smoke detectors should be delivered to Building 831 in the Surge Area on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8-9am. Shops are required to provide a written inventory to EH&S which details the number, make, model, and activity of each type of detector being disposed of.