Small Equipment and Parts Degreasing


Recycling parts washers use a variety of solvents to clean small parts. The fluid is typically recycled internally and re-used until it is no longer viable. This fluid will become contaminated with regulated metals and solvents; for this reason, all waste from parts washers should be managed and labelled as hazardous waste unless testing confirms otherwise. This includes:

  1. The waste liquid solvent used to clean parts
  2. The sludge accumulated in the sludge filter
  3. The filter itself when it is changed out

Parts washer fluid and sludge should be collected separately from filters. All wastes should be collected in an appropriate container and stored in an area with secondary containment protected from the weather.

Keep parts washers closed and secured when not in use.

Do not mix parts washing wastes with used oil, as this will make the oil non-recyclable.

Collect all rags used in degreasing as a hazardous waste and dispose of them through EH&S.