Oil-Based or Solvent-Based Paint


Solvent-based (or “oil based”) paints, enamels, varnishes, sealants, etc. meet the definition of hazardous waste and unused portions must be disposed of by EH&S.

Paint cans that once contained oil-based paints must meet the EPA’s definition of empty before they can be placed in the trash.  This is achieved by scraping the container to ensure that all pourable materials have been removed.  The pourable material must be collected for disposal by EH&S.

Waste mixtures of solvent based paint and paint thinners/solvent must be collected in a closed, labeled container.

Each container of solvent based paint/paint thinner waste must be closed after additions and the funnels should be cleaned out regularly.  No air drying of solvent-based paint or paint waste is allowed.   

Waste containers must be stored with secondary containment and protected from the weather.  Secondary containment must be kept clear of spills and debris.

Containers and drums can be obtained by calling EH&S at (352) 392-8400.

Solvent Based Paints should be labeled as a Hazardous Waste.