Maintenance Rags

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Clean-up rags, commonly referred to as “Shop Towels,” are a re-usable product provided by a company which delivers, collects, launders and returns them.  By virtue of this arrangement, the towels are never disposed of by the University of Florida and are, therefore, not “waste”.  No hazardous waste determination is required as long as a laundering service is utilized. Containers of rags which will be sent to a laundering service are required to be labelled “Excluded Solvent-Contaminated Wipes,” (labels available from EH&S) and must be kept free of liquids.

Shops which do not use a laundering service are directed to manage their rags as a hazardous waste. Place the rags into a lined 30-gallon fiberboard drum (available from EH&S) or a lined metal safety can (like those pictured above). Submit an online Hazardous Waste Pickup Request Form to EH&S for disposal.