Aerosol Cans


Many of the products used in maintenance work including cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and adhesive removers, paints, sealants and lubricants come in the form of an aerosol spray can.  Nearly all of these aerosol products contain a flammable or poisonous solvent as the product base or the propellant.   When these poisons or solvents are present, they make the aerosol can a hazardous waste. 

Aerosol cans which are completely empty (i.e. no product or propellant remains in can) may be disposed of in the trash. Cans which have any product or propellant remaining inside, however, should be disposed of through EH&S. The Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal group can provide large containers for shops to use to accumulate aerosol can waste if necessary. These containers must be labeled as Hazardous Waste and be kept closed at all times.

Shop workers should remove spray tips prior to disposal to avoid inadvertent discharge in the disposal drum.

Rags which are used to apply products from aerosol cans must be disposed of a Hazardous Waste unless they are sent to a laundering service for re-use.