Used Oil

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Laboratories which accumulate used oil from vacuum pumps or other pieces of lab equipment must not mix this oil with other chemical wastes; this segregation allows the university to recycle the oil, thereby minimizing waste generation.

EH&S provides special “USED OIL” labels which should be used on containers for oil accumulation. Labs will need to identify the type of oil contained, along with their contact information (PI Name and Lab location); EH&S will then collect the oil as part of the chemical waste pickup routine.

EH&S can provide locations with containers for used oil accumulation; labels or containers may be requested by calling the Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal group at 392-8400.

Oil contained within equipment designated for disposal (x-ray machines, pumps, transformers, etc.) must be sampled and tested prior to disposal of the equipment. EH&S personnel will conduct tests for Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (“PCBs,” a toxin often present in older pieces of electrical machinery). If tests for PCBs are positive, the entire piece of equipment must be disposed of through EH&S.

Rules for managing used oil at maintenance locations may be reviewed here.