Liquid-Containing Vial Waste

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Labs which generate small (<20mL) vials, conical tubes, centrifuge tubes, etc. which contain liquid hazardous waste do not need to individually pour out these small amounts of liquid. Lab workers must containerize the vials in a single outer container such as a 4-liter glass bottle or a 5-gallon plastic bucket. This outer container is required to be labeled as Hazardous Waste, and all constituents found in the vials must be listed on this label.

Note that radioactive liquid scintillation vials are not managed in this way. Instructions on how to manage radioactive wastes may be found in Radiation Control Technique 2.

Labs must ensure that other wastes (gloves, papers, etc.) are not commingled with the vials.

2_5_13LiquidBottleHWLabel  OR   2_5_13LiquidHWBucket