Common-Named Reagents


Several reagents which are regularly used in our University’s research laboratories are normally supplied from the manufacturers using the chemical’s “common” name, rather than the standard chemical nomenclature. Lab workers should always review the MSDS supplied with a new reagent to help identify whether any constituents in the mixture require management as a hazardous waste.

The following is a partial list of common-named reagents which should always be managed as a Hazardous Waste because of their chemical constituents or because they exhibit hazardous characteristics.


Dobbin’s Reagent

Millon’s Reagent

Hayem’s Solution

Morell’s Solution

Hopkins-Cole Reagent

Nessler’s Reagent

Hubb’s Reagent

Rohrbach’s Solution

Tyrosine Reagents

Jacquemart’s Reagent

Sachsse’s Reagent

Knapp’s Solution

Spiegler’s Reagent


Tanret’s Reagent

Meyer’s Solution

Flemming’s Solution

Folin-Dennis Solution

Fisher’s Reagent

Erlicki’s Solution

Bouin’s Solution

Trypan Blue Dye