Hazardous Waste Labels

Click here to download sample poster of new labeling requirements. Place poster in appropriate areas to notify users of new format.

Hazardous Waste labels are available at no charge by calling the Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal group at 392-8400. Labels may also be requested as a part of any routine chemical waste pickup request by using the online form.

Labs are directed to place labels on their containers before any waste is accumulated in the container; this will minimize the chance that a waste of unknown constituents occurs. As new constituents are added to the container, the waste label should be updated immediately to include the new additions. Once the container is full, percentages for each constituent must be estimated prior to collection by EH&S. Contact information must also be completed on each label, so that if there are any questions about the waste, the waste’s originator is known.

Abbreviations, chemical formulas, and molecular diagrams are not adequate on hazardous waste labels; complete chemical names must be used when describing constituents.

Labs are welcome to print their own hazardous waste labels as long as the specific words “Hazardous Waste” appear at the top of the label and all other requirements discussed above are met. Alternatively, the following standard blank label may be printed out and used:

Acrobat Blank Hazardous Waste Label (fillable PDF)

Word Blank Hazardous Waste Label