Accumulation of Hazardous Waste


Hazardous Waste generated at the University of Florida must be stored, or accumulated, in designated “Satellite Accumulation Areas,” or SAAs. The rules and regulations for SAAs are required to be posted in the vicinity of each SAA. It is very important that the waste manager assigned to each SAA legibly print their name on the posting in the appropriate blank space on the form.

Here is an informational poster illustrating what an ideal SAA should look like.

The most common problems EH&S personnel note during SAA inspections are open and/or unlabeled containers of Hazardous Waste. Every container of Hazardous Waste must be kept closed at all times except when waste is being added to the container. All containers require an accurate, complete label which adequately describes all of the constituents inside the container. Other common issues include incompatible waste streams being stored in close proximity to one another (risking dangerous reactions), or wastes being stored near open drains (such as sinks or fume hood drains) without any sort of secondary containment. It is imperative that all lab workers be well-versed on the SAA requirements, and work to maintain compliance with them as part of their daily routine. Waste managers are required to complete a monthly audit of their SAAs and log the results of these inspections on the monthly waste form.