Small Chemical Spill


For a small spill of a chemical which does not threaten the safety of the workers present, individuals at the scene should do the following.

  • Notify all nearby personnel that a spill has occurred and request assistance as necessary
  • Don appropriate personal protective equipment for the situation. At a minimum, spill responders should don eye protection and gloves; shoe covers should be considered if the spill is located on the floor.
  • Take action to stop the spill (upright bottles, recap or contain leaking containers, etc.)
  • Cover the spill with absorbent materials to stop it from spreading. Small acid spills may be covered with soda ash, which will neutralize the acid and make the spill easier and safer to clean up.
  • Clean up the spill and any absorbents used. Decontaminate the spill area and bag all cleanup material. Label all contaminated cleanup materials as Hazardous Waste
  • Dispose of spill cleanup materials through EH&S by submitting a Chemical Waste Pickup Request