Permit Instructions

Building Permit

Your Building Permit will expire six months from issuance if the work authorized by the permit has not commenced, or if the work authorized by the permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months after the time the work commenced. If you feel your permitted work will be delayed please contact our office: 352-392-1591.

Posting of Permit

Work shall not start until the permit holder posts the building permit in a conspicuous place on the premises or in the job site trailer. The Building Permit card shall be protected from the weather and located to allow access by inspectors. The permit card shall be maintained by the permit holder until the Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion is issued by the Building Code Administrator.

Permit Documents

The permit and construction documents shall be kept at the site of work and shall be available for review by EH&S inspection personnel. Deviations from the permitted documents will not be allowed unless the design professional of record and the EH&S Building Code Administrator have given approval. Manufacturer’s installation instructions, Florida Product approvals, and other associated documents required to verify code compliance shall be kept on site and made available for review. If work has been added or is not covered by the permit documents, you will need to amend your permit with our office prior to subsequent inspections.


It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that all contractors performing work on the project comply with applicable contractor licensing for the State of Florida through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Contractor/subcontractor information for your project shall be on file in our office and have up-to-date workers comp insurance or have a current valid exemption certificate. Inspections will not be made unless subs are on file. The contractor of record is responsible for all work covered under the permit documents and shall request required inspections (except inspections performed by the fire marshal  – those are requested by the UF project manager).  ADA inspections also need to be coordinated with our ADA office – call 352-392-1591.

Job site Access

This building permit implies that the permit holder grants right of entry to the building, structure, or premises to inspect or perform any duty imposed upon the Building Code Administrator or his representative by the building codes.

Stop Work Orders

Upon notice from the Building Code Administrator, work that is done contrary to the provisions of the codes or in a dangerous or unsafe manner shall immediately cease. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be given to the permit holder, his agent, or the person doing the work, and shall state the conditions under which work may be resumed. Where an emergency exists, the Building Code Administrator shall not be required to give a written notice prior to stopping the work.

Revocation of Permit

If the Building Code Administrator has determined that there has been a false statement or misrepresentation as to the material fact in the application or plans on which the permit or approval was based, he may revoke a building permit or code review approval.

The Building Code Administrator may revoke the building permit upon determination that the contractor has proceeded with work that is in violation of, or not in conformity with, the provisions of the building or life safety codes, or is unsafe for use.

Inspections and Requests for Inspections

During the construction process, all permitted projects shall be reviewed by EH&S building code inspection personnel  for code compliance. Permit holder/contractor shall request various inspections as required by the Florida Building Code. If you need to review the code required inspections please see administrative section: or contact us if you are unsure about whether you need a certain item inspected. The inspector’s function is to inspect the work for code compliance and document the results. The inspector is not responsible for scheduling, directing, or managing the construction work or for making a punch list or correction lists.  Any code related deviations from the permitted documents shall be approved by the Architect/Engineer of Record and EH&S prior to inspection.

To request an inspection for your project you need to have access to our UF EH&S web based customer portal.

Once your specific customer portal has been set up by our office, you can log in and select your active permit number and then select type of inspection along with date/time desired.  Please read and pay attention to the notes and instructions on your portal. Please include your contact info/phone number (you type this into the comments box), and the area and items you need to have inspected.  If your company is not currently set up with a customer portal please contact our EH&S Building Code office and we will get you activated with log-in and password. As an option, the permit holder may complete the Inspection Request/Report Form and FAX to us at the FAX number on the permit card at least a day in advance (minimum 3 days for long distance inspections). Be sure to include your permit number (your permit number begins with a B. such as B15-000159). We don’t normally accept inspection requests by email. If you don’t have internet access you should call us to discuss.

The permit holder and their subcontractors are responsible for ensuring the work is completed in accordance with applicable State of Florida Building Codes and Standards. We are here to help you verify the project meets minimum code requirements by law. The permit holder is required to make all necessary portions of the work available for inspection and provide the means (e.g., ladder, scaffolding stairs, lifts, etc.) for the construction area to be inspected. Our inspectors do carry flashlights but do not carry tools. Electrical panels/boxes or concealed areas must be open for the inspection, we will not disassemble your work. Do not block inspection areas with materials or boxes or other items that may hinder or delay the inspection process.

The contractor’s representative or site superintendent must accompany the inspector during the inspection process and specify the work area to be inspected. Since we have several inspectors it is also helpful if you can describe the work done and any issues encountered. If the representative can’t be found or contacted in a timely manner the inspection will be terminated and re-inspection fees may apply.  The superintendent should also verify the work is complete prior to inspection so that the inspector’s time is not wasted. We have too many inspections so delays must be avoided. We always try to meet scheduled inspection times but we may be delayed for various reasons. We will try to contact you if we are running late (another reason to include your contact info in the inspection request). The permit holder shall make all permits, drawings, specifications and code related change order documents available to the inspectors. Work shall not be concealed or proceed to the next step on any part of a building, structure, electrical system, fire suppression, gas system, mechanical system, or plumbing system, etc. until the previous work has been inspected and approved by the EH&S Building Code Administrator or his authorized representative.  There is sometimes confusion about who the inspector is since there are other UF entities such as PPD or work management  that may visit your site and look at work – Make sure you procure your UF EH&S building code enforcement inspection before proceeding.

If approved by your normal EH&S inspector, threshold inspection/structural work can be completed by the authorized on-site threshold inspector, or the architect/engineer of record. Please consult with us first.

Long distance inspections away from Gainesville or main UF campus – EH&S Building Code Enforcement employs a contract inspection agency for our long distance inspections.  We require a minimum three (3) working day notice to get inspections scheduled with our contract provider. Please consult with us if you need more info. 352-392-1591 Inspections in the panhandle area of Florida can be tricky and may require more notice.

Erosion control – Please note that we also do inspection of required erosion control measures per your approved erosion control plans. This is out of the purview of the building codes but must be addressed for UF projects that meet the criteria.

Inspection Reports

EH&S code coordinators will provide reports indicating the inspection results. This document will be available to the contractor on their web portal (under the documents tab).

Inspection Status

Usually, the inspection report will indicate the inspection status with one or more of the following:

Cancelled– In advance of scheduled inspection time the permit holder notified UF EH&S Office and/or EH&S inspector that the inspection would not be ready or was not needed at set date and time. The inspector did not arrive at job site. Permit holder to reschedule inspection or as otherwise directed by inspector. Out of town inspections require one working day cancellation notice by calling EH&S building code office.

Failed– A building code related inspection was performed and code deficiencies were found and noted by UF EH&S inspector, re-inspection shall be scheduled by permit holder after corrections have been made. Do not cover/conceal or otherwise proceed with the work until it is approved by your EH&S inspector. The inspector will not wait while work is done to uncover unapproved work.

Not Ready– EH&S inspector arrived at the jobsite and prior to the start of the scheduled inspection, was notified by the contractor that the work to be inspected was not complete, therefore the inspection never commenced.  Once the inspection begins and the work is deemed by the inspector to be ‘not ready’, the inspection will be logged as a failed inspection. Out of town re-inspection fees are equal to the charge by inspection agency or $80/hr minimum 2 hrs.

Partial/Limited Scope – An inspection was performed by EH&S and while a portion of the work was in compliance, some work included in the inspection was not fully compete or code related deficiencies were noted. Re-inspection will be required to be scheduled by permit holder as directed by UF EH&S inspector. Corrective action required must be visible and readily accessible to the inspector at the time of the scheduled re-inspection.

Passed– An inspection by EH&S was performed and no code deficiencies noted by the inspector. Permitted work has approval to proceed to the next required inspection.

Conditional – Work has been inspected by EH&S and found to have deficiencies that are deemed minor in nature. Permit holder shall correct identified minor deficiencies and work may progress without an additional inspection for these items. The correction of these deficiencies may be verified at the discretion of the inspector at a future scheduled inspection. These follow-up inspections will not require the removal of permanent structure or building finishes. The inspector may ask you to upload pictures or other documentation to the portal.

Final Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion (CO or CC)

The issuance of a CC or CO by EH&S completes the Building Code Administration process. The permit holder must request certificate of occupancy after you verify completion of all final building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, fire/life safety, and ADA inspections for your permitted project. Please submit final signed & sealed threshold inspection reports and other required documents prior to requesting a CO. Documents can be uploaded to your customer web portal. Some small permits don’t necessarily need a CO or even a CC, such as adding an electrical outlet, or installing light fixtures in an existing structure. The permit holder should request a CO/CC by sending a message or letter through the web based portal indicating the job has been completed per permit documents and has passed all required inspections and that you are requesting a CO. Please include your name/title and contact info. The CO will be issued by our office and put into your customer portal where you can view or retrieve.

Elevator Approval

We do NOT inspect or certify elevator operation or elevator equipment. We do inspect the electrical connection, emergency elevator recall location, ADA access/signage, and shaft-way/structure. Please provide EH&S a copy of the final elevator inspection approval.

Flood Plain Certification (if structure is in a designated flood plain)

Letter signed and sealed by the engineer of record that the structure, as constructed, meets or exceeds the flood plain criteria as defined by FEMA.

Notice:  In addition to the requirements of this permit, there may be additional restrictions applicable to this property that may be found in the public records of this county.

Notice:  If this UF project involves the disturbance or removal of asbestos please contact UF EH&S Industrial Hygiene/Safety.