Building Codes Enforcement

Payment information can be submitted using the Chartfield Form for Codes Permits.

Florida Building Code 7th Edition (2020) went into effect January 1, 2020.  Permit applications received before that date will be under the current 6th edition (2017) codes.

In an effort to support sustainability and lessen the cost of construction on campus, EH&S has adopted a new policy concerning the submission of plans for review and permitting.  Plan review submission shall comply with these requirements depending on the stage of review:

REVIEW ONLY: Shall consist only of a PDF version of the plans and specifications (if any).  Do not submit paper plans for review.  See the section below concerning the electronic plan submission requirements.  These plans do not need to be electronically sealed or locked.

DOCUMENTS for PERMITTING: Are required to be electronically signed/sealed and must be locked to prevent tampering with the documents.  See the section below concerning the electronic plan submission requirements.  All changes to permit documents such as field orders, addendums, and ASI’s must be electronically signed/sealed and must be locked if the changes contain re-issued full size documents.

ELECTRONIC PLAN SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: All electronic documents must be PDF’s that are no larger than 24mb because of the limitations to our permitting and storage software.  If the electronic document exceeds 24mbs, the submission must be split into Architectural, Civil, Landscape, Structural, Plumbing/Fire Protection, HVAC, and Electrical sections.  Subsections that exceed the 24mb requirement must be further subdivided such that they are less than 24mbs.  The electronic signed and sealed sets and any changes to the permit documents shall be locked and password protected.  Electronic submissions shall be accompanied by the ELECTRONIC RECORD DOCUMENT TRANSMITTAL FORM.  The fillable form may be found at:
The electronic plans shall be sent to
The dropbox will automatically notify us of the submission.

Permit documents will no longer be given or returned to the contractor.  Once the project is approved and the permit has been issued, the project manager and contractor will be notified of the permit number and access will be granted to our Citizenserve software.  Plans will be available through our portal.  The permit must be signed and picked up by the contractor.  A document will be provided to the contractor indicating the permit number, location of plans and any outstanding comments.

Established in 1999, the UF Building Code Enforcement Program was formed to comply with Florida Statute regulating construction operations.  Today, as a member of the UF development team, we look forward to working with the various construction groups and being an integral member of the team.

Code Enforcement Services

  • Review plans and provide comments for all construction projects at each phase of design
  • Verify workers compensation insurance and required contractor licensing
  • Issue building permits
  • Perform construction progress inspections as required. Issue construction inspection reports as necessary
  • Issue the Certificate of Occupancy at project completion
  • Scan and archive all plans for future reference
  • Provide code consultation to architects, engineers, project manager and contractors as necessary
  • Provide coordination with the State Fire Marshal’s office

We now have a Portal for contractors and project managers to check building permit status, inspections, and plan reviews. You can also request inspections and upload new documents for your active building permits.

Please contact Chris Carlson to have him set up your portal. 

Code Enforcement Services Patrons

  • University of Florida
  • IFAS Facilities
  • University of North Florida
  • School Board of Alachua County
  • Florida School for Deaf and Blind
  • Shands Hospital on UF property
  • University Athletic Association
  • School Board of Marion County