Biosafety Manual

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Biosafety Manual

Emergency Contacts

Table of Contents

Authority & Responsibilities

Policy Statement


Biosafety: Fundamentals and Definitions

Biohazards Risk Assessment


Control of Biohazards

Decontamination and Sterilization of Biologicals


Exposures and Incidents

Occupational Medicine Programs

Packaging, Shipping and Transport of Biological Materials


Registration Information for Researchers

Special Issues


  • Table 1: Classification of Infectious Microorganisms by Risk Group
  • Table 2: Summary of Recommended Biosafety Levels for Infectious Agents
  • Table 3: Summary of Recommended Animal Biosafety Levels for Activities in Which Experimentally or Naturally Infected Vertebrate Animals Are Used
  • Table 4: LD50 Values for Biological Toxins
  • Table 5: Additional Toxins Which May Require Registration
  • Table 6: Select Agents and Toxins
  • Table 7: Permissible Toxin Amounts
  • Table 8: Summary of NIH Guidelines; Sections III-D, III-E, III-F
  • Table 9: Animal Experiments Covered Under the NIH Guidelines