New Labs, Moving Labs & Closeouts

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    If you are a new PI, please visit our New PI page for additional information. Whether you are a new researcher to the University or are moving your existing laboratory to a new space on campus, you must register your lab with Environmental Health and Safety.  Laboratory registration information is used to identify the location of all laboratories and laboratory support facilities. To register a lab or request a new PI introductory meeting, email us at

    Adding a New Lab Space (Established UF Labs that are expanding)

    1. Contact EH&S at to update your records in Gator TRACS.
    2. Post a new notice before work can begin.
    3. Update your lab’s LATCH assessment and chemical inventory.
    4. If you are leaving a lab space, please follow the closeout instructions below.

    Lab Cleanout and Closeout

    When a researcher prepares to leave a lab (closing, vacating, renovating, or relocating), the PI or Department must notify EH&S 30 days prior to the closure of a lab by submitting a Lab Closeout Form.
    Lab Closeout Form

    Once the form is submitted, the following steps will occur:

    • The main contact for the closeout will receive an email confirmation indicating the request has been received by EH&S. The email will include next steps and a link to detailed lab closeout procedure checklist.
    • EH&S will assign a coordinator to follow up on the status of the closeout and provide any guidance as needed.
    • Once the closeout tasks have been completed, EH&S will schedule a final survey of the space to ensure laboratory spaces are left in a safe condition (for labs located on Main Campus only) and that hazardous materials are handled and disposed of appropriately. The expectation is that all materials, hazardous and otherwise, have been removed and that all surfaces have been cleaned.
    • If there are no issues found during the survey, a final email will be sent to the primary contact notifying them that the lab closeout has been completed.