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    All events held on the University of Florida campus must be approved through an Event Approval Request Process. Please see the Campus Event Policies for specific information. Beyond the required event approval, your event may require event liability insurance.
    Venue Reservation
    You will need to contact the venue/facility coordinator of where the event will be held to satisfy their rental/reservation requirements. Many venue coordinators include any insurance fee for the event with the rental fee so please check with the coordinator. For space that does not have a coordinator, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs.
    Non-UF individuals/organizations (3rd party users) requesting the use of UF facilities and/or grounds for an event must carry event liability insurance in the amount of $1M per occurrence and provide evidence of such insurance (an insurance certificate). The University of Florida and its Board of Trustees must be named as Additional Insureds.

    Alternatively, renters can a purchase Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP). The policy protects both the renter and the institution against claims by third parties who may be injured or experience damage to property as a result of participating in an event. UF makes the TULIP program available through our membership with the university risk management insurance association (URMIA).

    Premium costs will be paid by the tenant user independently or via the venue coordinator. The costs will vary based on the following criteria:

    • Nature of the event
    • Duration of the event
    • Number of participants
    • Level of the risk of the event

    For questions regarding TULIP, problems with its website or to cancel coverage, please see the contact information below.

    Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.

    6399 S. Fiddlers Green Circle, Suite 200
    Greenwood Village, CO 80111

    How do I purchase TULIP coverage?
    The TULIP must be purchased before the event takes place. Allow 24 hours before the event.
    Facility users should go to the URMIA TULIP web site and click on “Quick Quote” tab to complete an online application. The form will guide you through the process and give you the option to purchase the policy.


    Please be aware that during the TULIP application you will be asked whether alcohol will be sold during the event. Please discuss this with your UF event coordinator.
    Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive via e-mail a copy of the binder of coverage confirming your transaction.