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  • During tenure at UF, most employees will either ride in or operate a state vehicle. A long-standing university policy requires all employees to wear seat belts while operating or riding in a state vehicle. The Florida Safety Belt Law, which states that drivers and passengers in motor vehicles must wear seat belts, supports this policy.

    Because university policy and state law require seat belt use, disciplinary action may be taken if employees do not use seat belts while in a state vehicle. Disciplinary action ranges up to and includes termination. In addition, workers’ compensation benefits will be reduced by 25 percent if an employee is injured while driving or riding in a state vehicle without wearing a seat belt.

    It is university policy that an individual must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and possess a valid driver’s license in accordance with Florida Statute 322.44, Article II, Definitions (1)” in order to operate any state motor vehicle, including farm equipment.

    Please be safe by buckling up and reminding your fellow passengers to do the same whenever you travel in a state vehicle.