Certificate of Occupancy or Completion

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  • Final Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion (CO or CC)

    The issuance of a CC or CO by EH&S completes the Building Code Administration process. The permit holder must request certificate of occupancy after you verify completion of all final building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, fire/life safety, and ADA inspections for your permitted project. Please submit final signed & sealed threshold inspection reports and other required documents prior to requesting a CO. Documents can be uploaded to your customer web portal. Some small permits don’t necessarily need a CO or even a CC, such as adding an electrical outlet, or installing light fixtures in an existing structure.

    The permit holder should request a CO/CC by submitting a signed letter on company letterhead through the web based portal (CitizenServe) indicating the job has been completed per permit documents and has passed all required inspections and that you are requesting a CO or CC. Please include your contact information (including title) and the permit number. The CO will be issued by our office and put into your customer portal where you can view or retrieve.