Administrative Memos: Relating to Environmental Health & Safety

09/05/2014 New NIH and USDA Biosafety Initiatives:  The UF Biosafety Office Needs Your Participation
12/21/2011 New Vice President for Business Affairs
06/30/2009 Guidance on University of Florida Day and Resident Camps/Summer 2009
06/23/2009 Motorcycle, Scooter/Moped, Segway, and Bicycle use by Employees –
Personal Protective Equipment Policy
05/30/2008 Planning for 2008 Hurricane Season
05/19/2008 University’s Policies Regarding Compliance With U.S. Export Controls:
Responsibilities of Faculty, Staff and Students
04/01/2008 New Agreements with Specialty Laboratory Suppliers
01/08/2008 Policy for Emergency Notification information use and access
11/14/2006 Distillation Condensers and Faucet Aspirators
05/19/2006 UF Disposal and Reuse Policy for Electronic Equipment
01/09/2006 Updates of UF Occupational Medicine Program to be effective January 16, 2006
09/28/2005 University Response to New Fire Alarm Ordinance
09/21/2004 Hurricanes Frances, Charley and Ivan Preparation and Damage Assessment Reporting
09/08/2004 Hurricane Frances Damage Assessment and Reporting
06/23/2004 Restrictions for Minors Working in UF Laboratories and Selected Animal Facilities
06/16/2004 Policy Change for Preplacement Health Assessments for New Employees
02/13/2003 University Response to National Terrorism Threats
02/04/2003 Disposal of Computer-Electronic Equipment
07/15/2002 Relocation of UF’s Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Office
07/01/2002 Revised UF Animal Contact Program
10/17/2001 UF Advisory: Handling Suspicious Packages and Mail
09/10/2001 Training Requirements for Operation of 15 Passenger Vans
06/13/2001 Administrative Leave For Emergency Conditions for USPS and A&P Employees
05/30/2001 Poppell Named Vice President for Administrative Affairs
04/13/2001 Rollover Risks Associated with 15-passenger Vans
06/22/1999 Building Code Permit and Inspection Program
03/25/1999 Fisher Scientific Company, L.L.C. Internet Ordering
01/29/1998 Medical Monitoring For New Faculty And Academic Hires
07/11/1997 Announcement of Health Assessment Management System Extension
03/28/1997 Clarification of Pesticide Monitoring Program Criteria
05/13/1996 Electronic Requisitions
05/01/1996 University Fire Exit Drill Program
05/24/1974 Division of Environmental Health and Safety

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