Non-UF Employee Registration

myTraining launches October 1, 2014.

Check back for Non-UF Employee Registration information.


Update to Registration Process for Individuals Not Paid by the University of Florida  (8/29/13)

Individuals who want to request registration in a UF training course but are not paid by the University may use the myUFL>My Self Service option.All of the four conditions below must be met.

  1. User must exist in the UF directory;
  2. User must have a valid UF ID number;
  3. User must have a valid GatorLink ID; and
  4. User must have one of the following affiliations:
  • Consultant-Faculty
  • Consultant-Staff
  • Board of Trustee
  • Direct Support Organization Emp
  • Athletic Association Employee
  • Foundation Employee
  • Shands Employee
  • Student
  • Not Registered Student
  • DCE Student
  • Innovation Academy Student
  • Departmental Associate
  • Vendor
Please use the navigation steps below to complete your registration for EH&S courses currently available.

  1. Login to
  2. Use the Main Menu drop down and click My Self Service
  3. Click Training and Development
  4. Click Request Training Enrollment
  5. Click Search by Course Number
  6. Search by Course Number—enter EHS, then click Search button
    Make sure the scroll bar shows on the right.
    Scroll down and then back up to view the complete list of courses.
  7. Use the course detail icon   for a detailed description of the available EHS courses
  8. Click the View Available Sessions link for desired course(s)
  9. Click the Continue button to register

With this 8/29/13 upgrade, departments are no longer required to manually process a Person of Interest (POI) request though the option is still there if the above conditions have not been met.  Instruction Guides for the manual process if the automatic process does not work are available at

EH&S offers instructor-led and online courses.

Courses offered live and online utilize registration

functions in myUFL, which update a participant’s

training summary upon the successful completion

of each training course.  Paid UF employees and

non-paid individuals with specific affiliations may

use the myUFL>My Self Service option to register.