Faculty/Staff UAS Procedures

Faculty and Staff that wish to use UAS must be FAA Part 107 licensed as Remote Pilots. Registration for both FAA and EH&S is required. Prior to any flights an online request with a flight plan must be submitted. Once the flight request / plan has been reviewed, a permit for the flight can be issued. EH&S can also assist with the evaluation of aircraft prior to purchase to determine if it meets the mission requirements. EH&S has a subject matter expert who is a commercially certified pilot under FAA Part 61 and Part 107 that can assist with Part 107 education, mission planning and mission execution. EH&S has the capability to provide aerial footage of 4K video and still photography as well as mapping missions which may include orthomosaics and 3D renderings.

Pilot Requirements


Aircraft Registration

Flight Permit


  • Aircraft purchasing consulting
  • FAA Part 107 License assistance
  • Turnkey solutions