RSSC Registration

Registration Instructions for RSSC Training.

1. Access the new myTraining portal by using:

Select the appropriate organization link as indicated on that screen.


2. Log in using your Gatorlink or appropriate credentials



3. In the “Search Field” type: RSSC and begin search using the “enter” key on your keyboard


4. Click “Register” Register
5. Select the box. (Selecting the course name provides a course description only). SelectBox

6. Similar to Step 5, select the box for each class.

You must select all of the classes in order to proceed with the registration process.

7. Click “Next” after all the classes have been selected. AllSelected
8. Click “Submit” to complete the registration process. Submit
9. Congratulations! Click “Done” to exit registration process. Congratulations

10. The course will now appear on your “To Do” list”.

Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email for each class. 

Use the email notifications to add each class to your individual calendar if so desired.