General Household Pest Services (GHP)

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is embraced by UF EH&S Pest Management. IPM, simply defined, is “common sense” techniques employed in a systematic fashion to prevent or minimize entry, introduction and survival of indoor and structural pests, which include insects, rodents and nuisance wildlife. Techniques employed to achieve this goal are provided on scheduled routine visits to all UF structures in Alachua County except those owned by the Division of Housing, which are serviced by Housing staff. GHP service is provided to Shands at UF, Shands at Vista Rehab and Shands Clinics, and IFAS facilities in and around Alachua County. GHP service includes monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly (as required) inspecting, monitoring (sticky trap placement and checking,) applying baits, servicing and maintaining insect light traps, physical removal, (including specialized vacuuming as required,) applying residuals to exterior perimeter, around doors and windows, reporting entry points and structural deficiencies for repair orders and emphasizing sanitation. Rodent control measures utilize exclusion and mechanical trapping whenever possible to minimize the use of poisons. All “food areas” and other pest-prone areas serviced at least monthly.

Service Requests (trouble calls)

Service requests are placed by calling 392-1591, giving pest type, location, name and phone number of caller, or by submitting the online Pest Control Trouble Form. All non-hospital service requests are to be answered within 48 hours, whenever possible. Hospital trouble calls answered the same day or within 24 hours on UF work days.

Termite Prevention and Control

Soil pre-construction preventive termiticide applications containing Termidor (active ingredient, fipronyl) are provided on all new UF projects and renovations when slab is disrupted and re-poured. Corrective subterranean termite treatments are provided to UF structures when infestations are discovered or reported. Materials and methods vary according to nature of infestation, but include sub-slab termiticide foam injection, direct wood injection, surface application of liquid borates, and trench and treat application of liquids. Yearly inspections of each building are performed for subterranean termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO’s.)

Turf and Ornamental Pest Management

Comprehensive campus-wide fire ant broadcast baiting occurs each spring and fall. Mound treatments are provided during summer as required. Chinch bug control is provided for St. Augustine grass. Shrubbery and indoor tropical plants are treated for mealybug and scale insect control, greenhouse pest control is provided as requested. Sports Turf Pest Management to include weed insect and disease as required to maintain vigor. Sidewalk, fenceline and bare-ground weed control is applied around cooling towers and electrical substations with non-selective herbicides.

Nuisance Wildlife

Capture, relocation and exclusion for birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes, bats as required. For nuisance alligators contact UPD at 392-1111.

Mosquito Control

Surveillance, larvacide application, source reduction, adulticide fogging coordination with Gainesville Mosquito Control and public relations services are provided.

Fumigation Services

Administration and coordination of commercial structural fumigation contracts, in-house operation of fumigation chamber for museum artifacts and specimens, occasional commodity, warehouse and specialty general fumigation for structural and stored product pests are provided for UF clients.

Aquatic Weed Management: at Lake Alice, Lake Wauburg.

Rabies Prevention

Feral cat trapping, Animal Control enforcement, interface with Alachua County Animal Control Services

Oversight of UF Bat House Project Place in News and Hot Topics?

Public interface, research project coordination, guano distribution.

Miscellaneous Services

Bee, wasp, hornet and yellow jacket nest treatment/removal in buildings and grounds. Dead animal removal inside and under UF buildings. Pigeon control project coordination.