Management System

The Occupational Medicine Management System consists of several components within the University of Florida’s myUFL. 

Position Management

  • Organizational Development shows department adds/updates to OCCMED-covered job duties for positions assigned a number
    Instruction Guide for PeopleSoft Position and Job Actions (Add a Position, Update Position Description and Reclassifying a Position) 
  • INOP Form shows department adds/updates to OCCMED-covered job duties for positions without a number

Departments that check any of the OCCMED job duties must arrange for a health assessment once an individual has been identified for the assignment.

Health Assessment Management

  • Workforce Monitoring presents health assessment status records for individuals covered in the OCCMED Program

Departments must track the health assessment status through myUFL’s Workforce Monitoring.

  • Individual health assessment status records provide single references for those employed within the department.
  • Department Next Exam Reports provide multiple health assessment status records (including periodic renewal dates) for those employeed within the department.

Employees check their own status through My Self Service>UF Health Assessment.

Compliance with UF’s Periodic Medical Monitoring Programs is improved with this section of the management system.