Lab Safety Surveys



The Laboratory Safety Program conducts annual safety surveys of each laboratory on campus. The purpose of the survey is to identify potential hazards, and facilitate compliance with the safety policies and regulations that affect laboratory environments such as the federal OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard.

EH&S laboratory surveyors are “in-house inspectors” who look for the same health and safety issues as would regulating agencies visiting our campuses. Some examples of the regulating agencies are NIH, CDC, USDA, DEA, OSHA, and FLDEP.

Laboratory surveys are conducted by building and department chairs are notified of upcoming surveys approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled time period. 

What to expect

The Principal Investigator (PI) will be notified by email of upcoming surveys approximately one to two weeks prior to scheduled time period.  The PI or lab manager is expected to make an appointment for their lab(s) within 30 days of notification.

Each lab is assessed for chemical and physical hazards. The surveyor should be escorted through the lab(s) by the laboratory technician, manager, or PI.  If deficiencies should exist, they will be pointed out and clearly identified during the survey. Deficiencies are noted and corrective action is explained to lab personnel and/or PI.

Following the survey, a summary letter and ‘Compliance and Training’ form is sent to the PI.  Both must be filled out, signed and returned to our office within 30 days.


The following non-compliance issues will be reported to the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR):

  • Failure to contact EH&S to set up an appointment for a laboratory safety survey
  • Failure to respond to deficiencies
  • Repeat willful violations of UF safety policies

If no response is received within a reasonable amount of time (30 days from the summary letter date), a reminder is sent to the PI. Failure to respond to the reminder within 7 days will be reported to DSR.

Getting ready

To facilitate the laboratory survey process, the following guidelines have been prepared:

  1. Have a recent copy of the lab’s chemical inventory to give to the surveyor.
  2. Have the following records available for reviewing:
  1. Review the Lab Safety Survey Guidelines. and Lab Safety Checklist