Chemical Hygiene Plan Training

New Online Laboratory Safety Training

  • August 27th Launch – EHS860: Chemical Hygiene Plan for Principal Investigators

  • August 27th Launch – EHS861: Chemical Hygiene Plan for Laboratory Staff 

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The Chemical Hygiene Plan has always been an important safety tool for all researchers, but with recent incidents and with Lab Safety coming under scrutiny from accidents at other universities, the CHP will, and has, taken a much more prominent role within Lab Safety’s realm.

To meet this increased focus on chemical safety compliance, EH&S Lab Safety has developed two on-line classes explaining the CHP, and how it needs to be implemented here at UF. The first will explain the CHP and how it pertains to the PI’s. It is intended to provide guidance in the CHP’s components and how it is made lab specific. The second class is intended for anyone (PI. Lab Manger, etc.) who is responsible for the development and implementation of the CHP. It will go into detail on how to complete the forms for the Chemical Inventory, SOPs, PPE determination and the training documentation.




Although the on-line class is designed to help all PIs and lab staff, we ask that if there are any concerns or questions, please contact Lab Safety at 392-1591 or